People x Wildlife

How to live together on one planet

Conflict between people and animals is one of the main threats to the continued survival of many species and poses serious environmental challenges for human society.

‘People love lions but the tragedy is
that they are disappearing at a terrifying rate.’

Dr. Amy Dickman, Founder of Ruaha Carnivore Project

Dr. Amy Dickman
Founder of Ruaha Carnivore Project

Addressing the conflict between local communities and lion populations, the Ruaha Carnivore Project has reduced livestock attacks by 60% and carnivore killings by 80%.

I banned the word ‘pet’ because I think animals are more ‘friends’ and they have their own personality and you don’t own the animal..

Breeze Sturrock

Reef Sturrock
The Loop Crew family, New Zealand

Breeze and Reef are embarking on the trip of a lifetime with their family, the Sturrocks, aka ‘The Loop Crew’ around New Zealand in an eco-friendly converted motorhome, as an adventure in sustainability.

There are solutions, there are ways that we human beings can use our ingenuity to get us out of this trap that we’ve built for ourselves, we just have to have the collective will to do it. 

Rick Ridgeway

Rick Ridgeway
Patagonia‘s VP of Environmental Affairs

Thought Leader Global caught up with Rick Ridgeway, legendary mountaineer, conservationist, Patagonia‘s VP of Environmental Affairs and the man Rolling Stones magazine called “The real Indiana Jones” at Framtanker – Forward Thinking at DOGA in Oslo, Norway.