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Intro Africa has a mission to showcase Africa’s growing economies, taking the pulse on the new emerging Africa. We connect you visually to Africa today through business, travel
and culture.

We showcase sustainable and positive development in Africa and share tools to do better business. We reveal new ideas, innovation, disruptions and solutions.
We create narratives around a wide range of topics including sustainable development and business, startups and innovation, the future of energy and resources, destinations, wildlife and culture.

The Intro Africa space is developed and produced by Thought Leader Global Media.

The space is packed with insights from business leaders, investors, pioneers and disruptors, sharing tools for doing better business and revealing opportunities to connect the dots.

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Intro Africa Business

Transforming circular economy in Africa a story in collaboration with Finnfund.

Before Sanergy launched our first toilet in 2011, a lot of the city dwellers, especially those living in informal settlements and those living in urban non-sewered areas never really had access to a decent toilet.

Sheila Wangui Kibuthu, Assistant Communications Manager, Sanergy

Susan Justo
Fresh Life Operator
They collect the waste from each Fresh Life Toilet in Nairobi daily, convert it into organic fertilizer and other useful byproducts. By removing the waste from the Fresh Life Toilets we make the community and natural environment cleaner and healthier. 

Intro Africa Travel

Experience the magnificent Mountain Gorillas a story in collaboration with New Dawn Associates and Rwanda Development Board

The reason we are not advocating for mass tourism is because Rwanda is very small but we also have to protect it if we have to still have the endangered species in fifty years to come.

Anny Batamuriza, CEO New Dawn Associates, Vice Chairperson Rwanda Tourism Chamber

Intro Africa Culture

Homage to Ethiopia’s sacred coffee ceremony

It’s believed the word ‘coffee’ derives from ‘Kaffa’, the name of a place in the South- western Ethiopian highlands, where coffee was first discovered where popular legend centres around the goat herder from Kaffa who first discovered the bright red berries of the Coffea Arabica plant, after noticing its effects on his goats.

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