I want to live

The mental journey waiting for an organ

We produced 4 films to create awareness around Organ Donor Foundation in Norway with organ donation recipients sharing their stories. Organ Donor Foundation Norway travelled to South Africa to exchange methodology with Organ Donation Foundation South Africa. This was part of commemorating ODF Norway’s 10th anniversary.

I want to live – Teaser

I think it’s important to share my story because it is really hard on someone to go through that journey to get an organ and it’s hard for people that don’t get an organ and wait and wait and wait and just don’t get it and that’s why we need more organ donors, it can save lives.

Emilie Mikalsen

Jeremy Hunter

“My work is informed by the experience of living day-to-day for 17 years with a potentially terminal illness, and when faced with the need for life-saving surgery, having more than a dozen former students come forward as organ donors.”

Thought Leader Global Presents: Jeremy Hunter

 As a culture, we’ve never been trained really to manage ourselves or our attention, to understand that’s what your life is and that the choices you make about how you invest attention, is what ends up being your existence. How do you manage your own mind in a world constantly wanting to distract it?

Jeremy Hunter, PhD
Storytelling with Emilie Mikalsen

Many people leaned on being sick, your mind needs to stay aligned with the body and I think that is my strength through all of this, just keeping a resilient mind and focussing on the positive.

André Johan Tøgersen
Storytelling with André Johan Tøgersen

André Johan Tøgersen
Business Analyst

“Our kids inherit the earth and I inherited a new set of lungs, so this is my opportunity to also give back to, not just being an organ donor myself but to everybody else who takes the steering wheel and sets that direction for which way the earth is going.”

We have to acknowledge ups and downs, there’s ups and downs for every one of us but try to let the ups win and make more of them and I think making more of the ups that’s something you can do something with, within your destiny.

Mona Askmann
Storytelling with Mona Askmann

Mona Askmann
CEO at Norgesnett

“I’ve chosen to live as though I were completely healthy so I’ve chosen that the illness should not occupy my brain too much and I thought ‘does it help to worry?’ No! And I’ve thought a lot about that I will not let illness influence my life too much.”

I’m sitting here because someone said yes because someone talked about it, you know.

Stian Gullaksen
Storytelling with Stian Gullaksen

Stian Gullaksen

“I think just getting a really down-to-earth look about how life works, you know, things change really fast, it can be really positive, really negative and you have no control about it, you just, you really have to accept that.”