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Rethinking corporate governance

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The last few years, digitalization has been the «hottest» topic for boards, whilst focus is now shifting towards the company’s purpose and role in society, corporate culture, values and ethics. This shift requires a shifting focus of corporate leaders; from financial to inclusive capitalism, from short term profit to long term value creation in a sustainable way, from silo to integrated thinking. Which implies that there is a whole new way of doing business. Central to the new business regime are strategies that ensure long-term value creation for all stakeholders. As the board is the highest decision-making body of the company, it is up to boards to develop and decide on these strategies.

None of us is an owner on the planet, you might have title deeds on a property but you are transient.

Professor Mervyn E. King

Turid Solvang
CEO FutureBoards

‘Although board directors are few in numbers, they make the final calls on behalf of the companies they are appointed to serve. Their judgement calls affect the company and its shareholders but also lead to consequences that eventually affect us all.’

Professor Mervyn E. King
Chairman of the King Committee on Corporate Governance

‘We have moved away from the plague of short-term profit at any cost, to sustainable capitalism, to that model of creating value but in a sustainable manner, that has actually changed the mindsets of boards and thought leaders around the world to actually think on this integrated basis.’