Thought Leader Presents Johann Olav Koss, Right to Play

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Thought Leader Presents Johann Olav Koss, Right to Play

Thought Leader Presents Johann Olav Koss, Right to Play

Johann Olav Koss

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johanwebJohann Olav Koss is considered one of the greatest winter Olympians of all time and currently ranked as number 16 on the all time speed skating world cup medal table, winning three gold medals at the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Games.

Over the course of Johann’s athletic career, he won a total of four gold medals, broke 10 world records, won three World All-round Championships and received awards for his philanthropic service and leadership.

In 2000, after traveling into Africa as a Unicef ambassador and meeting children in war- torn countries and struggle areas, who had never had the chance to play, Johan founded Right To Play, promoting the use of sport and play for positive childhood development. The organisation is now in more than 20 countries reaching over one million children each week, supported by more than 620 staff worldwide and over 14,900 volunteer Coaches.

We caught up with Johan at the Responsibility Works Conference in Oslo recently, where he shared some insights and humour, spoke about finding ‘the resiliency of hope’ in the most unexpected places, the importance of the SDG’s, and having recently received the Canadian equivalent of a knighthood and what the future holds.



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