ART/C at Chitra House

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ART/C at Chitra House

ART/C at Chitra House


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ot4-7‘ The future is quite simple. The future is slow fashion and not a fast one, ‘ states Artsi Ifrach when we chat to him at the debut of his Miss Maroc range at Chitra House in Oslo, Norway.

‘Recycling is very important and I think our future for now, is to fix what we’ve already destroyed. I’ve decided I will recycle everything because I think we are already at a stage in life that we have to somehow start to fix things. ‘

Presentation at the Chitra House

‘I will be very happy if people start to question what they are doing and question what they are buying and why they are buying it and what actually it’s giving them.’

Chitra House, Oslo Norway

‘I start the work with the question of ‘What if’ because the idea of my work is to change the perspective of how we see things.’

‘Hopefully, I will be able to leave something behind me because I think if you do something that is significant, you will live forever.’


View from Chitra House, Oslo Norway



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